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Thread: The $100 a day thread

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    The $100 a day thread

    Most new webmasters wanting to earn an income online will at some point hear about the magic number of $100 a day from AdSense, and it seems to me a lot of new NB members might actually join here if we have a thread about this.

    $100 a day is considered the magic number because it's the level at which the average employed person would feel comfortable quiting their job and becoming a full time MMO entrepreneur. This level of income is sufficient to pay the average rent/mortgage, put food on the table, make sure utilities are paid, and the all important taxes are dealt with.

    So, I think there are any number of ways we could talk about this;

    • we could either put our hands up and say if we are earning this amount from AdSense, and give our interpretation of how
    • we could invite discussion of what needs to be done to earn $100 a day
    • we could set this discussion up as a mentoring thread where members who are committed to earning a decent income

    I don't think it's useful to have people explain how much they're earning because we'll just get a bunch of people asking the successful AdSense gurus about their niche etc. Instead I think we should treat this thread as a valuable resource for people who are committed to becoming successful MMO entrepreneurs.

    My suggestion is that anyone who wants the advice of the gurus here should introduce themselves, what they're doing, explain what they think is working for them, and what skills they are trying to learn, and give a time frame for success, and only then should the gurus make an observation.

    Earning $100 a day could be earned from other income sources, so members who ask for help in this thread should expect that some of them may be advised to switch to another program, or even advised to channel their energies in another direction.

    Good luck if you're not earning $100 a day, and if you are, congratulations, and please add your two cents now and again in support of the rest of us.

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    I'm in the contest
    It's a good point to have goal when starting but I have read on WarriorForum (searching the thread) that target a precise goal (like 100$ a day) can block you to earn 200$ a day...

    The biggest is your goal the biggest are your earnings
    Actually, from Google Adsense, I make 1$ a day. I have a business plan to reach 10$ a day (with work), gonna try it.

    It will be easy to earn 100 a day from CPC but due to my age I can't.
    In fact, earning money for me is a game. All money earned in my PayPal are actually reinvested to bigger and bigger projects...

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    I'm not earning $100 a day from AdSense other than writing. Writing is great, but it's a full time job and it doesn't have a lot of opportunity for increasing earnings, whereas AdSense is scalable.

    I have two sites that I'm developing, both are in my signature, a small group of blogs, and a growing collection of proxy sites. At the moment my two sig sites are earning nothing, not even from the affiliate programs I have on them.

    My proxy sites on the other hand are generating income, about $5 per day at present with a network of 9 sites which have only been promoted at a handful of top lists. I'm enjoying working with proxies and want to continue while I also develop my main sites.

    I'm looking into mailing list options, and I'm trialling Nathan's CPA Toolbar. I want to look at other revenue programs but I don't have enough traffic yet on my proxies or my sig sites.

    Where I need help immediately is in looking at my sig sites (which aren't complete) and getting feedback on whether I'm going in the right direction and if this is going to lead to organic traffic that will be enough to generate $100 a day, or should I position the sites to sell and develop something different with better growth potential?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elbandelero View Post
    I'm looking into mailing list options, and I'm trialling Nathan's CPA Toolbar. I want to look at other revenue programs but I don't have enough traffic yet on my proxies or my sig sites.
    Nathan's CPA Toolbar is a very good source of income - I made approximately $406 USD in around about 10 days, with a video site. The affiliate company that was supposed to be paying him, however (LeadExpose), did not pay him - and therefore, I have not been paid either.

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    Yes, If you use CPAToolBar you have one more intermediate...
    But, Nathan's gateway-script seems to be very good (made 1$ last 12hours).

  6. My initial starting goal was $200/day. I think that goal numbers depend a lot upon where and how you live. There are parts of the planet where a $10/day goal would be nice. In Tokyo or Manhattan, $200 could be insufficient.

    More important than the "big goal", I think, is the "daily goal." Every day, I tried to do something that would increase my passive income by $.50/day. The important part is that you do something to build your empire every single day.

    If you start at zero and increase your earnings by $.50/day, you're at $15/day at the end of the month. At the end of the first year, you're at $182/day.

    It worked for me, I made my $.50/day (on average) for the first year and met my "big goal."

    Every day I either built content or built links -- activities that would directly impact revenue. Studying doesn't count -- too many of us get caught up in paralysis by analysis. Do something to build your empire every single day.
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    I'm all in for the discussion. Currently at $0.09 c/day so i've got some serious work to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loko View Post
    I'm all in for the discussion. Currently at $0.09 c/day so i've got some serious work to do
    You need to tell us what you're doing as well. Nobody can learn from your experiences, or the gurus give you advice if you don't.

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    Allright, here some details:

    • I am currently developing a site based on a local niche. Adsense earnings are at a minimum ($0.09/day). CTR looks decent enough but I need to attract more visitors to the site. Currently on average about 12 visitors/day. I am also working to monetize this site offline.
      B.t.w., I will publish a small article on this project soon.
    • At the moment I'm getting rid of my poorest domainnames and buying better ones to flip or develop.

    I am clearly in a 'trial and success' phase which is quite exciting. 100$/day seems good to me too as an initial goal.

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    I really like the increase of $.50/day idea. The big question is how? But thats part of the exciting webmasters' journey.

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