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Thread: Adsense Exchange Teams

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    From what I've read it's pretty obvious that everybody is against this method. It's nice to see that there are like tons of guests watching this thread

    Maybe they are all Googlers searching for an Adsense Exchange Group
    So how much do they make with this until they are banned?

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    A person that invited me said he earned an extra 200$ with this. But their system seemed to be pretty organised, since they were with a lot buth they made it that the chance they got banned was so small that it was almost impossible..

    But ofcourse I could never check it out, since I said I wouldn't do it
    Quote Originally Posted by DomainMagnate View Post
    So how much do they make with this until they are banned?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    There's proverb saying "Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork"

    Better watch out..Google is no fool..

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    It is just pure cheating, will push advertiser trust down on content sites, as such they are preferring to display their ads on search results, will push more of them to do that, cheaters....

  5. Well there are controversial reports as what % of all clicks are click fraud. According to Google's official data it's very small, like below 0.5%, but some believe this is one of the most important problems in the industry and can go up to 5-10% even.

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    Look at it this way... as an advertiser myself if a campaign isn't profitable for me I stop running it after spending $500-$1k. If the majority of those clicks were fraudulent you are cheating yourself and everyone else in the Adsense program. Why? Because if the fraudulent clicks hadn't been there the campaign might've been profitable and I would've kept spending money and overall there would be more money on the table for Adsense publishers.

    Of course having said that Adwords is pretty good on sorting click quality issues out. But there are some other networks out there that wouldn't surprise me if over 50% of the traffic was fraudulent.
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  7. I almost join something like this. But I don't.
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    Its fraud and Google are getting better at catching people that do this. There are legit ways to make lots more money than this.
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