Is it just me or have the mighty 'G' done something weird to their adsense ads lately?

The normal block ads take an age to load in FireFox and I've tried old and new versions, the pages just wait with the twirly thing twirling in the tab. I have to refresh to get them to load at all usually, very annoying, I could be losing money here. The block ads load fine in I.E. and fast too but the strip ads (468/728x15) don't load at all for some reason. They load in FireFox (eventually) but in I.E. they just look like keyword spam, only the text but no links, wtf? I haven't tried them in Chrome and I refuse to use it now it's bundled and automatically loaded as default browser when installing any google program. So much for the 'do no evil' mantra, where's the choice? I haven't used Safari or Opera and I'm unlikely to, I have enough clutter on my old comp now and I can't be a*sed tbh. (I'm using a single core Athlon 64 + Win XP SP3 fyi)

Or is it just me? Maybe I need a new comp.