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Thread: Is this adsense placement correct??

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.

    Is this adsense placement correct??

    Do you think the placement of link units is correct and as per adsense TOS..i hope its not violating any rules..

    The site is the proxy sites in my sig..


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    From my point of view is 90 % ok, you only use the same template, you have space between ads and and url form, you don't try to hide the url form in order to make users click the ads in their effort to find your url form, you don't talk about "making money, soccer, sexy girls, forex" and advertise it as a proxy.

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    I guess i read somehwere that having link units around URL may be risky..i have been using it since many days..still i am bit skeptical..

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    Limit the number of link units around url to one and keep some distance.

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    The sites look fine to me.

    A bigger TOS issue is to have some distance between images and adsense.

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    Content should have some distance from the top link unit. You may draw a line above the ad unites you've used at the bottom to be safe.

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    Why dont u just give <br /> before and after Url to make ur more safe ?

    I think its not against to keep the links around Url Bar

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