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Thread: Adsense plugin for Wordpress

  1. Adsense plugin for Wordpress

    Any suggestion's on what plugin / widget to use to manage and post adverts on my blog?

    i want something simple something like the one off blogspot if thats possible or anything really just give your opinion on what you used.

    what be a great help.


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    I like (and use) this one on a few sites:

    WordPress › Adman WordPress Plugins

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    I just manually add the code into my templates, its now really easy compared to previous versions because you can edit the files through WP CP.

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    I also prefer manually adding the code instead of being limited to some specific placement by some plugin. It's simple enough to add the code directly in the files..

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    All in One adsense and ypn manager


    manual inserts

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    Just installed adman on one of the blogs I'm running, WarAnvil: World of Warcraft Blog and FREE TeamSpeak

    Looks to be fairly good so far. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Don't know about other adsense plugins, but I wont suggest what you should use, but what not to and that is Adsense Manager plugin - it uscks - it has hidden ads inside!! I found out about that a while back like 6 months or so... here iks the topic about it

    WordPress › Support [Plugin: AdSense Manager] Does this Plugin contain a hidden Adopinion Ads?

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    I want to know that what would be the benefit of using a plugin for adsense?

    - Digital -

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    I prefer to add adsense manually in sidebar as well as in posts.


  10. Like Hellas, I use the All in One Adsense and YPN plugin, and I add some ad code manually in some places. I like the "randomisation" feature of the plugin, whereby you can randomise the placement of the ad blocks in the posts, and you can randomise the type (i.e., size) of the ad blocks too. Should be good for combatting ad blindness and adding an element of terror.

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