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Thread: AdSense to retire the old interface

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    AdSense to retire the old interface

    What a petty, the days I could switch between the old and new AdSense interface are counted

    Since releasing the new AdSense interface to all publishers, we've been continuously working to improve and support the new version. With that in mind, we're writing to let you know that we'll soon be retiring the old AdSense interface and asking all publishers to use the new interface.

    If you haven’t already, we recommend switching to the new interface as soon as possible to familiarize yourself with the updated layout and new features. To do so, sign in and click the 'Try the new AdSense interface' link in the upper corner of your account. We understand that this adjustment may take some time, so you'll still be able to toggle back and forth between the old and new interfaces during the coming weeks. You'll see another notification in your account as we approach the date when this option will no longer be available.

    As a reminder, the new AdSense interface offers additional insights in the form of detailed graphs and reports, new ad blocking controls, and increased efficiency through a visual redesign. We’ve now added many of your top-requested features -- including the ability to create scheduled reports and view channels on the Home tab. We encourage you to watch our video tutorials at InsideAdSense's Channel - YouTube, which will guide you through completing common tasks in your account. You can also find detailed information in our Help Center for the new interface (AdSense Help).

    With this transition, we'll be able to focus on building new and improved features into the new interface more quickly. Thank you for your support, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation.

    For a quick overview I find the traditional interface much better ...

  2. bad news for me. using the new interface slows the pc down our porch.

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    The new interface is 10 pounds of crap in a 5-pound sack. I found it to be extremely slow and irritating to use.
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    When the new interface was introduced, I immediately jumped into it since I knew then that the old interface will be retired and here it is now. It has been for months that I am using the new interface and I already find myself cool with it so no problem for me.

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    The new interface sucks. I've been using the old one all along, but I guess I'll have to switch.

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    At first it sucked a bit - but if you take some time and get used to it you'll find it works great.
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    Other than also being slow, I liked the new interface and new features with AdWords. I did not get the same impression with the new AdSense interface.

    It looks like we will have no choice about getting used to it now.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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    I wonder when they'll dump analytics also, specially considering that the new interface is the worst ever!

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    Google is getting to be like Microsoft. They both have too much time and money on their hands, which tends to lead to "make work" projects like re-designing interfaces that do not need redesigning. The interface with Microsoft Office products keeps getting worse with each new release and it is much harder to locate tools.

    I can get used to an interface, but the sluggishness with AdSense is much harder to get used to.

    The KISS (keep it simple, stupid) method is apparently not part of their ideals.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

  10. i just notice that the Total estimated earnings will be lessen when you try the new interface.

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