Poseidon once asked me to help him forecast AdSense revenue growth.

My first thought was "No way! It's impossible! There are too many variables!"

But then I thought... "Over time, the variables somewhat even out."

So, I created this chart of AdSense revenue growth over the last four and half years:
Average Monthly Revenue Growth
  • 2004 - 65%
  • 2005 - 10%
  • 2006 - 7%
  • 2007 - 5%
  • 2008 -13.26%
These numbers assume that you are working full-time on your sites. I wasn't working full-time on this stuff, but my part-time is pretty equal to most other peoples full-time.

These numbers also assume that you are reinvesting 10 to 20% of profits.

Note: This data was current as of July 2008. I've since sold some of my web properties and AdSense revenue has decreased as a result. This thread was posted in response to a request by z613.