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Thread: The Adsense Revenue Share Finally Revealed!

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    So finally WILL Sir you got answer or may be this is big reply to you in return of your interview at Will Spencer of | Internet Marketing News and Social Media News
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    Hmmm..... I always thought that we only get about 25 - 30% shares. This is considerably good news

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogart View Post
    68% is the total figure that is shared out. The webmasters that are smart priced get less. Some premium publishers may get more.
    If you are not smart priced and don't have a special deal with G, you will get 68% share. It is not an average.

    Here is the reply posted by the Adsense team with regards to questions on if the 68% figure is an average:

    Thanks for all of your feedback -- I just wanted to address some of the questions that have popped up here in the comments section.

    The 68% revenue share for AdSense for content applies to all online publishers, and is not an average revenue share. If you're showing AdSense for content ads on your pages, you're receiving 68% of the amount advertisers pay for those ads. While the revenue share can vary for some major online publishers with whom we negotiate individual contracts, these amounts are not in any way averaged together. Also, there isn’t anything additional taken off the top. You get 68 percent, period.

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