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Thread: Adsense Slow Stats and Login Problems

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    Adsense Slow Stats and Login Problems

    As I know that most of you overlook the official blog here it goes:

    Inside AdSense: Updates on account access and reporting

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    I really need to check that site more often. Just restarted the server thinking it was something on my end.

    Thank you

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    Thanks for the link to the blog, i was not aware of it.
    Just added the feed to the bunch I'm wading through every day.

  4. It's just bizarre that they don't mention things like these in the actual AdSense portal.
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    Mine are partially updated, or at least I think they are as I already see decent clicks and $ amounts there. Impressions are still very low for me (probably not updated yet) which means that I've almost doubled my ecpm (I wish).

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    Interestingly enough I've had my best day of March today :P
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    Still showing $ but having the option to display €. Anyone going to create an adress in Ireland ?

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