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Thread: Adsense TOS Change

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    Adsense TOS Change

    I wonder how this will affect me...

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    1. The currency of reporting in publisher AdSense accounts has changed from US dollars to Euros.
    Do I understand that right and my reported earnings are wrong? Since mine are showing in USD with a $ and not euro with a €

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    I believe they should be updating it anytime soon, even though I think that it won't happen in all countries at the same time as they might need to adapt their TOS for each and every nation.

    My reports are also still in $ BTW.

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    Here are some more details on the currency change:

    Inside AdSense: Reports have gone international

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    "That's why we're happy to announce that publishers located in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain can now view AdSense reports in Euros."

    Why they named only these countries? There are more countries using Euros than these...

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    Well I suppose it's good news in some respect, at least I know how much I'll be getting in a currency I work in, makes it much easier to see if AdSense is going to be enough to cover the rent, but it's a shame they're insisting on the TOS only being in the major language of the country you're resident in.

    Here in Andalucia nearly 20% of the population is not a native Spanish speaking person so I don't know why they can't write their legal agreements in English as well. Most of the local real estate agents already offer English and Spanish as do the banks so Google is being a bit pedantic.

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    Why the hell have they forgot about Belgium? The Netherlands and Belgium have the same language, same text etc.. they don't need to change anything for it...

    This sucks... hope they will show it for Belgian dudes too soon!

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    I prefer $ reports, in fact this change will make my old stats a complete mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    I prefer $ reports, in fact this change will make my old stats a complete mess.
    Yeah that's right, and when stats shown in Euro people will ask questions over and over again.. hmm maybe it's better that they didn't include Belgium

    |Nico Lawsons

  10. That's hilarious. Google's CEO Eric Schmidt spent countless Google shareholder dollars to get Obama elected, and now Google has to leave the country to avoid Obama's tax hikes.
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