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Thread: adsense trick (watch out)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmongy View Post
    I think you guys are misunderstanding the settings here.

    You have two options:

    1. "Allow any site to display ads for my account" (The Default)

    In this case, any website, even if you don't own it, that displays your ads and gets a click, you would get the earnings and get paid. That, however, also means that you could be penalized if someone decides to use your publisher id on a p0rn site or something. So it's always a risk.

    2. "Only allow certain sites to display ads for my account"

    In this case, you must specify in the text field all the sites you want to "allow" to display ads using your publisher id. Now, if you don't list a site here, and the site has ads with your id that get clicked, you don't get paid (and according to google the advertiser doesn't pay for the click either). This makes perfect sense, because you would use this setting to protect yourself from someone misusing your publisher id. Now, if someone uses your publisher id on a p0rn site, google will not penalize you and your adsense account will not be at risk since you didn't add that site to your "allowed" list.

    So, it's not really an "Adsense Trick" or some sort of Google scam or anything like that. Just a simple setting made for the publisher's convenience.
    Adsense trick is use by me to catch more attention not google , just to aware other adsense user don't do same mistake like me

    funny thing is i do set channel on it, everything is visible (page view, click), about no fees on click or refund ? that i highly doubt that, adsense won't do it for free base on my past experience with adsense ...

  2. did you guys also put or to the allowed sites?

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    Quote Originally Posted by garfish View Post
    did you guys also put or to the allowed sites?
    i created this thread abt same issue u have

  4. yes,last week I forget to approve one of my new site,I know that after a click appears in the report but no money
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