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Thread: Already Approved Account?

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    Already Approved Account?

    I applied for an AdSense Account a few days ago, and received this e-mail. Apparently I already have an approved account... the problem is that I don't know what e-mail address I used for it! The letter doesn't mention it, and the only way to transfer it to a new account, as mentioned in the e-mail, is to know the e-mail. What do I do?

    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. While reviewing your
    application, we noticed that your account information matches a currently
    approved AdSense account associated with Michael. Because our policies do
    not permit multiple accounts, we're unable to accept your new application
    at this time. However, please remember that the ad code from your account
    can be used on any website that complies with our program policies.

    You have several options:

    1. If you have access to your AdSense account and would like to update
    your AdSense login email address, please visit .

    2. If you have forgotten the password to your account, visit We will then work with you to reset
    your password.

    3. If you aren't able to sign in to your AdSense account or access the
    submitted. Any account settings, reports, or earnings less than $10 (or
    local equivalent) from your closed account will not be paid out or
    transferred to your new account, according to the AdSense Terms and
    Conditions ( ). You'll also need to
    replace the current ad code on your site with the code generated from your
    new account.

    To continue with this process, please visit

    For help getting started with your existing AdSense account, please visit .


    The Google AdSense Team
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    I guess u can recover email by supplying secret answers

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    Yes, but I don't know what the e-mail address is for the account.

    I tried all of the ones I commonly use.

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    It would be best to contact google and explain the situation (try to provide information you remember about the account). good luck

  5. It sounds like you're screwed until you remember that email address. Do you have archives of your old email?

    If Google won't respond to your email, you might try posting in this hellhole.
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    Does anybody know how I can actually even contact Google?
    I go to their support website, and get automated form after form - and nothing on them is relevant!

    I just searched through the boxes of every email account I have, and I haven't found anything.

    On the NoAccess form, it says:
    "Approved AdSense account login: * (as noted in the disapproval email)"

    My disapproval email (pasted above) doesn't say anything.

    P.S. I also posted a thread here, as per Will's suggestion:

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    It is rare for someone from Google to respond to anything left in their forums, but perhaps someone else will have an answer.

    Are you sure that your AdSense account is not already attached to a Google account? If you have multiple Google accounts, as many people do, you could try logging into each one to see if there is an AdSense account already attached.
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    Try the third option,

    Close your existing account and open a new account with the application you recently submitted at the following link:

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