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Thread: Always a very low adsense earning.

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    I've found, for proxies, the more you mention "social networking" the better paying ads you'll get. On some of my proxies that focus of social networks, I see an average ePC (earnings per click) of ~$2 which is damn good for proxy sites. On my proxies that only focus on proxies, ePC is anywhere from $0.15-0.90 depending on quality of traffic.

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    aahh really? hhmm... I will give it a try then.... so you mean I need to make short article with "social networking" as the keywords?

    [PM'ing my article supplier right away]

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    Yep pretty much, just something short a sweet. Though you can base it on broader or more specific aspects of social networking if you wanted. But an example of what I do on some is to try and tie in the proxy advantage dealing with social networks.


    Has your school or workplace blocked myspace, facebook, etc? Don't let that get you down, proxies make it easy for you to get back on the social networking bandwagon. With one simple click of the browse button you can be 'poking' your crush, commenting on pictures from last night's party, or finding new friends. etc etc
    I just try to mention things associated with social network sites in a proxy perspective, that way the content is still extremely relevant and it'll hopefully pull some higher paying ads in the area of social networks that students, etc, would seem to like.

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    Cool tips, very nice... thanks... hhmm... going to give it a try... I will try to make 3 - 4 sentences (2 are "social networking" related and the other 2 are just normal proxy related) and put them in my content rotator script. Let's see how it goes...


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    I have a website that gives me around 1 cent per click but I dont mind because I know the traffic is poor, I admit.

    @dtkguy: Thanks man. I will surely give it a try on my proxy network.

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    Can you tell us where you are getting traffic?

    I guess you are getting traffic from Iran and other third world countries.

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    The click results of traffic from countries like Iran, Indian, Pakistan, sometimes even China are very poor. It also depends on the niche of your website and as Shenron mentioned some niches (Proxies, Celebrities, Arcades and Wallpaper sites), so, if you have one related to these, you should not expect more earnings. You can just tweak your site with some new content etc.

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