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Thread: Always a very low adsense earning.

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    Always a very low adsense earning.

    I've placed adsense in my site. Today out of 18 clicks I got only 0.98$. Why this google pays me so less? Is this the google's usual rate? Is there a way for me to select some high paying adds to be published in my site? Thanks.

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    You've either been SmartPriced for delivering low-quality traffic, or it's simply a low-paying keyword.

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    Pardon me, I'm new to the adsense I don't understand these "SmartPriced for delivering low-quality traffic" and "low-paying keyword". Is there a way for me to adjust these? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedy View Post
    Pardon me, I'm new to the adsense I don't understand these "SmartPriced for delivering low-quality traffic" and "low-paying keyword". Is there a way for me to adjust these? Thanks.
    If you've been SmartPriced, you could try to target higher-quality traffic, i.e. traffic from more central countries / traffic that is looking at purchasing stuff.

    If you're using low-paying keywords, do some research in AdWords to find some high-paying keywords.

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    For a start, why don't you provide the URL to your website and see what we can do about it.

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    Thank you budhi. I PM both of you my URL

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    "Proxy" is a low-paying keyword. It's nothing unusual. Proxy websites are easier to get traffic to, through other means, which is why other people that own proxy websites do not want to pay all that much to AdWords.

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    Hi Speedy,

    In my opinion there are at least 2 possible reasons why you are getting very low earning:

    • I don't think putting adsense block above and below form too close is wise, I know it will trigger accidental clicks however most likely the user will hit back button, and you will not get earning for that CMIIW
    • As Charles mentioned, generally proxy is a low paying keywords hence you won't get something like $5,-/click he he he

    And since proxy -if promoted properly- gets pretty high traffic, I would go with EPM (earning Per Million) advertising company so you will get earning by showing their ads ONLY... sweet eh?

    Many of us using adversal, here's the main page: Publisher Network Advertising Network

    If you don't mind to sign-up under my affiliate then here's the link to adversal with affiliate code, otherwise simply sign-up through the main page URL provided.

    PS: if you are using glype proxy, then I think I can help you adding backlink to your footer. Just PM me and we'll see what I can do, OK.


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    yes budhi. You are right. Thank you for the help. I'm going to start another one with a good theme,proper keyword implementation,proper adsense placement,good promotion techniques etc etc. Hope you'd help me to select the best template from your template collection.

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    Proxies, Celebrities, Arcades and Wallpaper sites tend to be low paying niches, so you'd better try another niche next time.

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