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Thread: Any idea why mr. G shows public ads on my site?

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    Any idea why mr. G shows public ads on my site?

    Guys, any idea why mr. G shows public ads on my site since two weeks for the large rectangle ad, while showing real ads on the small ad? Free Vector Art & Graphics
    Never had this strange situation before.

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    Replace the "Lorem Ipsum" filler text that's appearing on a lot of your pages above the 336x280 ad.

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec faucibus massa eu lectus. Maecenas varius nibh a tortor. Aliquam mattis. Maecenas suscipit. Pellentesque vehicula leo nec dolor. Praesent sit amet ante.Suspendisse enim arcu, placerat ac, pretium id, porttitor quis, urna.

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    Thanks Bogart, that was most helpful! I didn't realize there were still a few pages with the "default" description.

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