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Thread: Anyone knowing easy ways to get adsense approval

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    Anyone knowing easy ways to get adsense approval

    Hi people,

    I would like to know how to get adsense approval real quick. I have already gone through a lot of blog posts over the internet. But didn't get convinced. Anyone here having real time experience dealing with these things. If so, please share it with us.


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    If you have a useful, informational web site that doesn't violate any of Google's TOS rules, you will be approved very quickly.

    If you have a crappy site, an autoblog, a MFA site or one that violates their rules, you will not be approved.

    Always submit a good site to them for approval. Give them a good first impression.
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    Create a decent site with original content, follow adsense TOS avoid using stop words, try to have at-least 10 daily visits
    I don't understand why people have a hard time getting accepted by adsense, just follow the rules and make some effort

    PS. I recommend you to apply with a blog that has several original articles, a privacy policy, a site map and a contact us form

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    The easiest way is to create a blog on blogspot, post a few original articles and then apply with your blogspot blog for adsense. They almost always approve those.

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