I am taking my old website and putting it into a new WordPress template so that I can build onto it. The template is optimized for CTR for AdSense, but hopefully still won't compromise readability.

Here are the two options I came up with so far:

This option has a 728x90 links unit at the top of the page, and then a block after the first post excerpt. The link isn't very obtrusive, but I am not a fan of how the block pushes down all the rest of the content.

In this option, I have replaced the header links unit with a banner (which is basically 3x the links). Then, instead of a block after the first post, I put 468x60 link units after the first 3 posts. These don't push the content down, but I'm not sure whether they're distracting to the point of uncomfortable.

I'd love your opinion guys Thanks!