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Thread: Big Warning for video sites and Adsense Disable

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    Big Warning for video sites and Adsense Disable

    I know some of you probably making good money with Auto Video script and Adsense. Now i would suggest you take them off the air right away.

    Adsense have disable two of my domains in 2 min this morning when i had my morning tea (i am getting to old for this game) i am now working like hell to take the other scripts away.

    The Adsense and Youtube random video do not match anymore and if they find a video from Youtube (make no sense) they will disable that domain.

    While reviewing your account, we noticed that you are currently displaying
    Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our policies. For
    instance, we found violations of AdSense policies on pages such as
    Please note that
    this URL is an example and that the same violations may exist on other
    pages of your website.

    As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted to
    place Google ads on pages with violent content. This includes sites with
    content related to breaking bones, getting hit by trains or cars, or
    people receiving serious injuries.

    As a result, we have disabled ad serving to the site.

    Your AdSense account remains active. However, we strongly suggest that you
    take the time to review our program policies
    ( ) to ensure that all of your
    remaining pages are in compliance.

    Please note that we may disable your account if further violations are
    found in the future.

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    ya they started this early last year with auto video sites and the mp3 sites all of which server up content which is not the property of that blog. At one point on DP someone had quoted the actual area in the TOS that these sites violated. To be honest G has been real nice just blocking ads on these sites and not banning people anymore. I got that same email on two auto content sites so dont even run those anymore.

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    I have a blog connected to them and if you read they did not ban the domain because of that they ban it because of the content from youtube and that is silly.

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