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Thread: Can AdSense be Hijacked?

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    Can AdSense be Hijacked?


    I'll try to explain this as best I can.

    My main site is way, way down on earning

    About 1 mo ago I got this from AdSense

    Our system analyzed your site, and found a great opportunity to increase your AdSense 
    earnings. We recommend that you change your 120x600 ad units to 160x600s on Here is an 
    example of where we found this opportunity:
    Generating the code for this new ad size should take no more than five minutes, and may have a substantial 
    impact on your revenue. On average, publishers across our network who implement this change see a noticeable 
    improvement on the CPMs and we think you’ll see similar results.
    For an example of how small changes can make a big impact on your revenue, check out how 
    increased their revenue by 165% by making changes similar to the one we’ve suggested.
    You'll get the best results by updating all 120x600 units across your site. Our system analyzed 253 pages 
    across and found 252 120x600 ad units.
    To get started on your way to better performance, generate your new ad code by clicking here.
    The Google AdSense Team
    So I made the changes as they said it made no difference money is still way down.

    Now today I noticed this. Might be nothing or it might be. I made no changes to these pics other then to resize a bit. I used the snipping tool.

    Now talking about a different ad. This is the 336 x 280 ad on the site

    Take a close look at the font it is different? This is in the same ad just on a different page.

    How I have the ad set up it shows this way on most pages.

    How the ad is showing up on some pages

    This is a plugin that using the same AdSense code.

    Has this ever happened to you that AdSense changes the font size from page to page?

    Is this a strange thing or should I start hunting for something?

    If I am to hunt for something what am I to be looking for?

    Thanks in Advance

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