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Thread: Funny Adsense income

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    Funny Adsense income

    two day ago my adsense record super low income (4.33 cent)one of my channel, after 24 hour i check back particular date/day, profit jump from 4.33 to 9.20 .... just wonder why and how this happen ? adsense revise my income after 24 hour ?

    another funny thing happen today, after 6 hour my adsense (same channel) hit rocket high profit (65.40) activity is normal (4k page impression, ctr 1.98) cpm huge jump from 0.5-1.5 to $17 ....
    I'm not complaint abt income but does worry, would it danger my account or revise again after 24 hour ?

    Thanks ...

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    adsense as been acting weirdly over the last 2/3 days.
    Channels are not updating for hours and then, out of the blue, clicks and revenue jump all at a time.

    Don't worry, just keep tracking things on a weekly basis and you'll notice no significant differences.

  3. It also depends on the advertisers. If they put a lot of money in AdWords and run a search marketing campaign for a few days and then stop it you could benefit from their extra money during that search marketing campaign.
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  4. It is also happening to my account. But the nice thing here is that all "weird" activities of Adsense is advantageous on my part - I am getting all-time highs for my earnings nowadays...

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