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Thread: Google adsense secret

  1. Quote Originally Posted by rajg View Post
    I'll suggest against it if your site is a heavy site already.
    Picture and banners need much more band width to load quickly and for people using dial-up and other slow connections, it is a nightmare to work on sites with such ads.
    Yeah. but you can use it still unless there will be no excessive ads like some sites that I saw. There's a little content with lots of ads around.

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    Thank you, not bad, it works.

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    Good tip, i will also try this, but so far my interaction with google adsen is more informative your blog or articles are you can earn more CPMs.

  4. #14 very good. i am using

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    well initially when i created mine i did use both text and banners
    but after my adsense account was banned i didnt try it again
    can someone suggest me anything abt how i can get a new one again?

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    so hard to use GA to earn money with me!!

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    thanks for the tip

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