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Thread: Google adsense secret

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    Google adsense secret

    Hey there all webamasters especially, may be you would be more known to Google Adsense than me. But for last few months what I have observed is that. If you are displaying google adsense ads on your website and want a good CTR with maximum earning per click i.e. more than 0.25 then you should not display only text ads on your websites. Displaying text ads on your website will give you the lowest per click earning.
    So, if you are following then please create a new adsense code with text and images. Please do it and also give me feedback.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a go. Also, have a look at my google adsense tips post, I've got a few tips that may optimise your tip.
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    Thank you for the keep , will keep it in mind when i will setup my new website but remember that an banner that is too big for the site will drive visitors away

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    Thanks for that 'irahat', was aware of it but not entirely sure. Another good thing is visual ads not just give more $ per click but so also are more attractive than the usual text ones.

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    Thanks for the tip, i do have some free space on some of my websites, i was thinking maybe of adding a few image links but it might look a bit too cluttered, ill try it out for a couple of weeks though.

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    yeah..thanks for the tips..i have tried it before but the result is not that good..not many people are clicking that ads and in short, it is very to earn money from..


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    Don't think that banner ads will make you earn more. If the theme of your ad is matching with that of the website then text ads will be the most powerful way of earning because users will click them while surfing your website. But to surf your website you should have good content and useful information. Keep in mind that no one will be millionaire cheating google or following some secret method.
    There are many ebooks and websites who say that you will earn too much in few days but that is totally fake. If they could earn then they would never have spend thier time selling ebooks or getting registration charge of $50 to $100. However, some ebooks are useful to the newbie to get started and they worth.

    Learning from the website like WebAdminChat is the best way.

  8. Well, picture and banner ads are kind of easy and appealing than text advertisements. All of the ads I used from Adsense are all pictures and text ads. The placements of the ads are more important than those picture/image ads or text ads.

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    I'll suggest against it if your site is a heavy site already.
    Picture and banners need much more band width to load quickly and for people using dial-up and other slow connections, it is a nightmare to work on sites with such ads.

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    Not a bad tip, thanks for the help

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