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Thread: Having problem with PSA.

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    Hi I'm creating a niche website about a particular video game. The problem I'm having, since this game resolves around quite a topics like weapons and getting chased by cops. lol I'm getting a lot of PSA's and also unrelated ads about security alarms and products and firearm accessories.

    How can I prevent this, and show more relevant video game related ads on the site?.
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    Hi thanks, I think this is one my problems. Second problem is obviosly the keywords on the site. I want Google to emphasize Video games related ads. But it seems to be thinking the site is a firearms website.

    Your page may contain sensitive content for which relevant paying ads will not be displayed.

    Our system has certain filters in place to protect our advertisers from advertising on pages that could be construed as potentially negative, non-family safe or even offensive. Although the nature of your content may not fit into any of these categories, at times the emphasis of some sensitive subject matters on a page can flag our servers to deliver public service ads to a page.
    I guess adsense may not be appropriate for a video game niche website. Maby I should try CPM.
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  4. Adding more text will really help, as will placing relevant keywords inside your h1 and h2 tags.

    I would also look at implementing Section Targeting.

    You can block particularly pernicious ads with the Competitive Ad Filter.
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    Talk less about the weapons and the cop chasing!

    Seriously, dilute that stuff away by adding more text (as Will said) about the other aspects of the game. More text is always good, in any case (provided that it's all on the same topic).

    By the way, your sig. link about saving tomato seeds seems to be broken!

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