Hi guys,

I have identified a high traffic market sector (300,000 searches p/month) that I have a great deal of knowledge and experience in.

I am thinking of developing a website to target these searches with high quality information and advice with a focus on giving the user the best experience as possible

It is a relatively uncompetitive sector so I am confident that I can rank on page 1 quite easily for related search phrases once the site gets established using the seo knowledge I already have.

Thing is, I want it to make a bit of money for my efforts and I am not sure I will be able to.

Adsense for my keywords is pretty much non-existant as its a pretty uncommcercial sector (online, but not offline!) and similar sites have very poor ads as a result which don't encourage decent CTR's.

I was wondering though - Given that Adsense ads are based on your content, if I were to do regular blogs and articles focusing on better paying keywords would this be a worthwhile strategy?

So I would be bringing people in on a high traffic, uncommercial keywords (perhaps with consumer targeted affiliate ads on the home page) and then use well written, informative articles with more commercial keywords in them?

Although its quite a uncommercial niche it closely links to MANY commercial areas so keyword stuffing better keywords isn't the plan, they will be woven into the fabric of the article.

What do you think? I am new here so be gentle