Many users and site owners do not like MFA, or Made for AdSense sites. These sites are chockfull of keywords and numerous advertisements, thus increasing their revenue. This practice is akin to spamming, as many pages from sites like these do not have any real content at all.

Internet users who visit these pages to look for information then click on the ad links to get any data that they need. Many of the larger publishers employ AdWords to advertise these sites, resulting in websites with low traffic getting the short end of the stick. How does one beat MFA websites? Here is a method you could try on your site that could work for you.

  • Go to the ABL site at - An initiative by Vision i.T Services., as the site’s blurb states, is a special program which helps reduce MFA and low CPC sites. These sites appear through the utilization of Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, and Chitika eMiniMalls; among other PPC systems. Advertiser ROIs are increased by blocking MFA sites that give little returns on investments, and publisher traffic is increased and costs are lessened by blocking rogue advertisers who employ keyword arbitrage.

  • Once you are at the ABL website, enter your website’s keywords in the given form. You have the option of blocking MFA and low CPC websites to maximize your revenue.

  • After generating the list containing MFA and low CPC websites that are pertinent to your keywords, access your AdSense account. Block those URLs through the competitors’ ad panel. Store the configuration, after which you will see results after a few hours.

After fortifying your website through the aforementioned process, you can browse through a few related tips below. These ideas may also help you increase revenue.

Tweak your site’s layout. Develop a template which ‘assimilates’ the advertisements into the content. You could render the anchor and ad links in similar colors.

Optimize your website for SEO to augment your traffic. Employ keywords properly within the content of your website.

Experiment with ad channeling methods. Google allows channeling to identify which ads perform best, so use the feature to your advantage and find the ad placement that works well for you.

Stick with your niche. Focus on a single subject for your website, as entries on any other subject could affect your revenue through the appearance of irrelevant ads.