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Thread: if banned from adsense

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    Dont worry tnx is there

    Quote Originally Posted by whatthehell View Post
    Thanks. I was thinking my site wont gonna be found in google search if i'm banned in adsense
    but i hope not.

    dont worry contact our admin head,

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    I think you will just get banned in Google Adsense ..About the PR ranking I think it has different rules about it as well

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    i can get ban once by purchasing a ban domain .....
    I been using adsense for two year (04 n 05) and have around 800 dollar inside (2 year no withdraw, due to low exchange and super expensive bank fees, no WU too), then i purchase a dirty Adsense ban domain(i don't know) and suddenly Adsense ban my account and confiscate new income plus my last two year saving(800), i try to appeal and they reply " will investigate" until today ......... I think that is unfair

    back to ur question, no, it won't, after they ban my adsense account, i still make good money/sales from google traffic , should i hate or love Mr Google ?

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