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Thread: if banned from adsense

  1. if banned from adsense

    if banned from adsense, are you automatically banned in googles listing, pr and etc?
    or your just banned in adsense program

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    Just in Google's AdSense program.

  3. Thanks. I was thinking my site wont gonna be found in google search if i'm banned in adsense
    but i hope not.

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    I'm not certainly sure, but the reason for ban would be somehow related to your website so I think it might be affected as well. still I doubt this

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Aziz View Post
    I'm not certainly sure, but the reason for ban would be somehow related to your website so I think it might be affected as well. still I doubt this
    i most likely would object to google bout it if say my site provides adult content. and having adult contents isn't gonna be the reason why my site wont be located anymore in any keyword

    but then of course, i can't do anything about it if google strongly believe it should be removed out of google. and still i hope they wont do it.

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    I do not know why people get banned all the time from Adsense i only have one site of 200 banned and that was because i had a Google name in the domain name. I made money with the site for 2 years then suddenly they cut it off. But it still getting good traffic from Google.

    The rules are very clear and if you dont follow them you will get banned it is very easy, no short cuts will get you rich quick on Adsense

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    Please Tell me what is unfair? In ever dollar you have some pay with Adwords.

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    I was banned from adsense way back in 2003 (I think I was like the first person ever banned) and I was for a really stupid reason.

    Back then I ran a gaming (counterstrike) forum and someone in the forum asked what the ads were and I said something like "they are there to help me pay for the game servers but don't click any ads unless you are really interested in what they are" .. So anyway, I went from like 5 clicks a day to over 500 because back then people didn't know what google ads were.

    I applied to adsense about 2 years after that in my wifes name and after we moved states and got accepted but then 3 months later they banned me again saying that account was related to a banned account. So yeah.. they don't just ban you, they ban your family and probably your pets from signing up. And they never forget!

    I did get into YPN about a year ago.. earned over $5k the first month and they booted me saying my traffic wasn't good enough quality.

    So now I sit and wait for MSN to open their publisher network so once again I can offer text ads that aren't worthless.

    Hehe seems like a rant but when adsense is mentioned I tend to get a little angry.


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    iam sorry to hear this

    just banned in adsense,you can appel to google
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  10. that was unfortunate assuie lol
    I'm from SouthEast Asia, hope the partterns change

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