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Thread: If my site is for sale will i get banned by Adsense?

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    If my site is for sale will i get banned by Adsense?

    If i have a link in my footer saying "think domain might be for sale" will Google Adsense ban me then?

    Or will i get kicked down in the Search?

    I was thinking having a link to SEDO since i want to sell most of my domains but i do not want to get punished while trying to sell them.

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    You could always use an image with that text on it and a nofollow link to the SEDO auction, it's the only solution I see since I'm not sure if you'll get a drop in the search engine by selling your site or not -- probably not though as sites get sold every second
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    Right i was thinking of that have a image or banner or something with no follow as well. But i do not think Adsense like when you have a site for sale.

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    No. Adsense won't ban you. Many domainers use Adsense on their parked sites with the clear intention of selling them
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  5. I wonder if Google consider a Sedo for-sale link as a "spam signal"?

    I'd be tempted to create a custom link, just to fool their detectors.
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