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Thread: Low CTR with SMF Forums

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    Angry Low CTR with SMF Forums

    HI all,

    I own an SMF forum. It is about 3 month old and I get 600 hits a day and atmost one click a day. Can someone give me tips to increase my CTR on forums

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    600 ad impressions per day? Or 600 hits? How many unique visitors?

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    I meant to say 600 ad impressions a day..about 60 unique visitors a day i guess

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    I don't think the issue will have anything to do with it being run on the SMF platform. It's just that forums are one of the worst converting Ad sites since most visitors are free information seekers rather than buyers.

    I've even read tutorial threads on forums as to how to block Ads on the forum in your browser.

    To increase CTR you need to get the Ads in the face of the visitor which may not go down well on a forum. The Ads would have to be well targeted to the needs of the visitor too.

  5. AdSense and forums just aren't a good mix.
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    You're better off building a solid, administrative reputation at your forum - and making the occasional post where you slip in an affiliate link, and attempt to sell a good product.

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    Or make the forum so enjoyable that people will want to pay for extra perks. Making members want to feel special on a forum to the point that they'll pay a couple dollars a month is a great way to make some money.

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