Some MFA, or Made for AdSense websites, have joined the Google AdSense affiliate program. These sites garner revenue when Internet users click on their advertisements. Owners of these sites set numerous advertisements on their pages, and the pages have no true content. The MFA site owner is only concerned with getting as many clicks as possible to earn the largest amounts of money that they can. As such, the visitor experience with these sites is of poor quality – there is no visitor loyalty as the owners do not care if the users visit the website again.

The sites can appear in high rank in Google’s search engine results pages, or SERPs. Profit from this advertising is good as the AdSense system includes click-through rates and ad cost to appear on a website. An MFA site having a high CTR results in high SERPs ranking.

The high CTRs that result from massive amounts of traffic to these sites cause low ROIs (or Return of Investments) for advertisers. Google wants to close down such websites to increase the quality of their advertising program, while decreasing costs for their clients, and eventually attracting more new advertisrs for the network.

Many website owners adhere to this practice even though it is against Google AdSense’s TOS, or terms of service. Once Google determines that sites such as these are in existence, they will probably crack down and ban the sites for not following their guidelines. Whatever revenue is gained from this type of site is arguably not worth getting your AdSense account deactivated.

Blocking an MFA Site

It is very important to avoid getting your account banned, and as such you need to identify MFA websites. You can block an MFA site with the Competitive Ad Filter, once you have logged in to your AdSense account. Some owners say that one should avoid blocking any advertisers through the Competitive Ad Filter as they pay good money to have your website display their advertisements. In the same manner, one would not want site visitors to be directed toward an MFA site without any real content – this gives a visitor a worthless site experience that he or she could associate with your own site.

Do you have an MFA site?

If you do run any MFA websites, try to source your traffic from banner ads and traffic listings. You could also increase the site quality through the addition of real content to deliver more value to your site’s visitors. Better content in MFA sites may decrease the CTR – visitors to your site may actually stumble on what they are looking for, and not click on any of the advertisements. The content results in a lower CTR, but the content also drives new traffic to your site daily.

The consensus is that Google is only tracking down the larger MFA sites. You MFA network may be too small to find, and as such, they may not remove or ban it.