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Thread: Mail from AdSense

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    Mail from AdSense

    I received the following email this morning:


    Please note that we've recently issued you a payment for your AdSense
    earnings. For more information, please log into your account at and visit your Payments page at .

    Depending on your form of payment, you may also be able to find a reference
    number there to track or pick up your payment.


    The Google AdSense Team

    Google Inc.
    1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
    Mountain View, CA 94043

    Email Preferences: You have received this mandatory email service
    announcement to update you about important changes to your Google AdSense
    They have never sent emails like this... What's up with this one? Anyone else received it?

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    I just checked other forums, and it seems that a lot of people got the same email. Weird.

  4. Looks like someone pressed the wrong button from Adsense. I still remember the mixxup they did where all sites from SERP showed as having a virus.

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    Yeah I received this same email with last month's payment.

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    Nothing wrong with such an e-mail. Other companies send such e-mails to inform the user that a payment has been sent.

    However make sure that any links in the e-mail lead to the real Adsense website and not some phishing site.
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  7. I dont usually clicked those type of mails .What I usually do is that I just visited my Adsense account if I received such type of e-mails

  8. I'v got this email as well. There is nothing unusual in this.

  9. I have checked the mail again which I also received I guess it just an automated mail from google to their publisher but it is much better to play safe so rather not click the links from unknown source

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