I believe that adsense revenue sharing site can do for me more than my website and since the digitalpoint forum stopped his innovative revenue sharing service i am searching for similar sites.i will mention some of these sites and my experience with them .if any one can add valuable site will be good.

in my opinion the best it has alexa rank of 290...wow means tons of traffic also higher se position .i have 10% adsense ctr with click price reach 50 cents per click .i think this is the perfect solution for smart pricing i see clicks on my site 1 cent but never on hubpages.opening an account is easy and you can make a hub in 5 minutes than indexed by google in aflsh ,one of my hubs indexed in 7 minutes and ranked for its keyword also.

to learn how to make a hub visit this hub

this is a new blog that share revenue with authors it is good looking easy to use depend on wordpress.has points system for reputation.the adsense ctr reached 17% .the best thing is that it will offer niche keywords for authors and now it offer high paying adsense keywords for active authors.

freeslash tutorial here

flixya was here for awhile has you can post all media types .but i didnot have any success with it i do not know why while others may make cents from it.

these the bonly sites i worked with ,i think digitalpoint was the best but now stopped.
so if any has good sites he worked with mention here.