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Thread: Most Profitable Adsense Niche in 2009

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    I never saw this kind of list before. Thanks

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    Decent enough list, But these click rates are far away from teh reality these days. I agree people used to get huge clicks payout during those early 2005-06 days, but now its really tough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    Thx for the list, still I don't see it anywhere near reality, specially the cost per click column.

    Example: auto and car - it shows $7.28 and $5.09 respectively

    I own 17 car related websites serving over half a million pages per month and my average adsense click is currently @ $0.18...
    excuse me if i am wrong but i think i can comment on this point.

    shenron brother, you have auto and car related website and list shows that get paid on this keyword avg. rate is $7.28 and $5.09.

    now my comment is you have auto and car related site but adsense show ads by targetting your keyword with lot off diffrent angles.
    like auto, car, car wallpaper (low paying niche) and specific religion like usa cars, usa auto. etc. etc.
    and list only show avg. click rate for only keyword auto and car.

    hope you can understand what i want to say here bacaz i am not too good to explain my thought.

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    I fully understand your point and you are right about it, the problem is mentioning that those are the average amounts when the reality is far from that.
    If you compare the published list with adwords keyword external you'll see a huge difference between the 2 $ values.

  5. Does anyone know when this list was created ? Maybe it is out of date

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    We were told 2009

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    The reality is not very far from this 2009 statistics imo. I'll show you an example and explain a bit further how google works, I might not be an expert but it's a common sense thing anyone should be able to understand.

    Let's make a short and quick example.
    50 credit card keywords pays $35 per click
    150 credit card keywords pays $18.50 per click
    300 credit card keywords pays $0.18 cents per click
    The average? $9.19 USD (just an approximate example)

    Does this means just because someone owns a blog or site with credit card related content they're going to get the $35 per click ads? Of course not, and this is what most people think, only few people get the top paid clicks and those are the large sites who have lots of traffic, targeted visitors, optimized for big payouts.

    When you start a site you'll notice the ppc starts low and it stats getting higher as traffic, pageviews, pr increases, it also depends on the market atmosphere, targeted visitors, and so many more facts.

    Shenron, are those half million pages per month for each site or for all 17 sites? I supposed you meant for all 17. When you're talking about keyword and ppc you have to look at each site's traffic separatly, because the advertiser would not care if you own 1 or 100 sites, what counts here is each site's traffic individually which means you're getting around 30,000 pageviews per month for each site and that's pretty low to get top paid keywords. Also targeted traffic is very important too.

    About targeted traffic and a few examples
    Do you think if 88% of the super bowl viewers were woman would they show Beer ads? Obviously not, they would show ads targeted for woman. What does this means? This means you might have a car forum, lets say most visitors are teens, the top paid advertisers is paying $30 per click, the ad is related to luxury cars, do you think the advertiser would benefit from showing 15 to 19 year old teens ads about $100,000 cars?

    Getting top paid clicks takes a lot of patience, time, effort and best of all a lot of experience.

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    In fact make that 800.000 pageviews per month all together (just checked); one of the sites gets over half a million alone and it's "the" authority site in his area, still June's average CPC is exactly $0.1007955543 meaning 10 cents.

    To sum up things quickly, I think Google is charging loads of $ to advertisers and keeps lowering publishers share. I don't believe in those numbers you've mentioned but still I think they must be close to that, the problem is the percentage they hand to you at the end.

    BTW, thanks for a great post.

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