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Thread: msg from adsense " You’re missing out on extra earnings "

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    msg from adsense " You’re missing out on extra earnings "

    received below message twice from adsense (two different domain) and first time follow their instruction.

    Our system analyzed 6067 pages across your domain,, and found only two Google ad units per page on 5951 of your pages. The AdSense program currently allows placing up to three ad units on each page, and we strongly suggest you do so.

    Since a large portion of your site is not fully monetized, consider adding any of our top performing units (336x280, 300x250, 728x90 or 160x600) to pages currently showing only two ads in the placements our heatmap suggests:

    We've found that by doing this, our publishers are able to place more than two ad unit sper page, maintain a good user experience, and achieve significant increases in revenue

    After three day adding additional Ad unit (336x280), CTR: not much different but CPM make huge different from 0.7 to now min 1.2% it actually almost double my previous income ..
    Click from new AD unit is 1.1 ctr which is pretty happy for me.

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    That's great. The only problem I know from adding the third add bar is the fact that there are lower paying ads on your site. So, if someone clicks the cheapest ad, you might only get a dime when, before, you might have gotten a quarter for it. However, I guess the big thing is a click is a click is a click.

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    One thing I'd even try is some split testing between running a text ads only ad unit in that 3rd spot and an image ads only text unit in it.

    You might find that if your first 2 ad units on the page are text only, then you get decent paying image ads appearing in that 3rd placement over adding lower paying additional text ads to the page.

    I know the conventional wisdom has long been to avoid using image based ads, but I've been testing them on some of my sites over the past year and in many cases I'm earning more from media ads than I did with text only ads, though click rates tend to go down a bit (banner blindness), the earnings are still higher in some cases depending on the genre/topic of the site.

    Just something to play with and collect some data from.
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    i don't have luck with image ad from adsense ... they pay very low, most of it 0.01 per click

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    It depends on the topic and target demographics of your site with image ads. I've been testing for about a year now, and it seems if your site is targeted towards visitors over 30 years of age, and not entertainment related, you can do real well with image ads.

    If your site targets younger traffic or is entertainment based, then yeah the clicks can pay crap.

    But if you've got a site about business, finance/investing, legal issues, relationships (with a female demographic), anything really focused on mature adults... there are tons of advertisers out there who can't find enough places to put their media ads and are bidding big $ just to get more placements.

    You just have to find what will work for you and your site. I was surprised when I started testing media ads because everybody says they don't pay, and like I said my click rates dropped I think because of banner blindness, but once I weeded out the low paying sites and left them up on my sites targeted to older traffic I found I'm making more revenue even with fewer clicks. Plus, the media ads look better on my sites over blocks of text ads I think, which makes it easier to gain trust and credibility with my visitors.

    It's all about testing and tweaking.
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    This discussion prompted me to change my adsense preferences since I had a similar advisory message that I may be missing out on increased revenue from one Ad unit in particular.

    Before it was like a stock message each month, but this time they actually mentioned a particular Ad unit that could possibly benefit from a change.

    Also, I noticed that we can add some promotion (description and options for Ad placement) to our Ad channels to attract potential advertisers.

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    A while back in Netbuilders Forum life Will had a post similar to this about "listening to Google" when they directly provide feedback for improvements on your site(s)...from what I remember the highlights of his points were 1 - Google wants to make more money, 2 - If they give you a recommendation, it will result in more money for Google and likely more money for you, 3 - Listen to them if you run Adsense....

    Each time I have "listened to Google" on the respective site, the earnings went up. I don't think twice about it if Adsense is the primary money maker on the site.


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    My thinking is that more is better. It gives the user more choice. I'm also finding that with only 1 ad unit, the bulk advertisers sometimes crowd out the higher paying ads.

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    I had the same type of pm sent to me from google. I was told to change the 125x600 to the 160x 600 I did and it did not make a difference at all.

    I think that they might just use that as a way to push more ads sells to the buyers they have.

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    is dying now .....
    This month seem like my adsense having holiday,i hit lower making record this year , 0.09 cpm .... hahhahah

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