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Thread: Is my PUB number correct?

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    Question Is my PUB number correct?

    I just installed a new WP theme on my site. When I hover my mouse over the adsense ad boxes, it looks like this really really long code or something, but when I view the source it shows my pub number

    The site is homelifeforeclosure... com One . of course. I just want to know if the maker of the theme maybe did something to steal my clicks or something...I'm new, so what do I know.
    Could some one check? Just hover, dont click, and tell me if the address at the bottom of the browser looks OK.
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    Cool Beans

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    sent you a pm. please check

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    One other thing. The link unit across the top shows my pub number, but the other adsense ad units within the posts and sidebars (not the CPA's) have a different looking format.
    Cool Beans

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    Seems fine to me.

    Look at any other Web sites that display AdSense, they're the same.

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    Yep, everything looks fine.. no problems here...
    Pub is alright as far as I can see...

    |Nico Lawsons

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