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Thread: New Adsense Project

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    New Adsense Project

    I set up a webmaster forum a few years ago that is mostly frequented by bots, so I decided to convert it to a webmaster tutorials site.

    So I have coded my own super-fast, and simple CMS to power the site. And, I am going to try and optimize the revenue, starting with Adsense.

    With the need to have great content, I will challenge myself to provide outstanding tutorial content.

    For the Ad placement, the plan is to inject a text Ad unit after the second paragraph of text where the tutorial content flows around it, kind of like do.

    And in a right sidebar, have an image unit.

    Then, below the main content, have a wide banner to attract people that read through the whole tutorial and are wondering where to go next.

    Also, in the header, have a custom search unit. This saves having to code a database search feature.

    I imagine that this Ad placement scheme should work well. And with enough quality content, it should not be over-monetized.

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    This is a good idea. One thing though that I'm negative on is Adsense. It doesn't seem to work well to monetize a forum unless the forum is very large and has a lot of traffic. I'm wondering if you could do better with injecting ads for your own services or perhaps using affiliate banners. If people like the tutorial they may be inclined to contact you to do a project for them.

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    Hi, it's not going to be a forum any more. I agree that forums may be difficult to monetize. I will have defined Ad zones, so I can experiment with what produces the best results. Thanks for the idea to promote my own services.

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    You can see DP forums, it is earning good money from Adsense.

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