I set up a webmaster forum a few years ago that is mostly frequented by bots, so I decided to convert it to a webmaster tutorials site.

So I have coded my own super-fast, and simple CMS to power the site. And, I am going to try and optimize the revenue, starting with Adsense.

With the need to have great content, I will challenge myself to provide outstanding tutorial content.

For the Ad placement, the plan is to inject a text Ad unit after the second paragraph of text where the tutorial content flows around it, kind of like About.com do.

And in a right sidebar, have an image unit.

Then, below the main content, have a wide banner to attract people that read through the whole tutorial and are wondering where to go next.

Also, in the header, have a custom search unit. This saves having to code a database search feature.

I imagine that this Ad placement scheme should work well. And with enough quality content, it should not be over-monetized.