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Thread: No clicks on weekends

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    No clicks on weekends

    I've been working on boosting my clicks and earnings. After reading about Will doing something each day to increase his earnings by 50 cents, I started my own system. I have been getting clicks like magic each day - except weekends! Like clockwork, Saturday comes and no clicks are present until Monday morning. My impressions aren't too much lower than usual either. Just no clicks.

    Any ideas on why this happens? Does this happen to you?

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    Same here do you think it has to do with people not being at work or school? I have a hunch a large amount internet traffic comes those places regardless of niche. I think youd be surprised to find many people dont have computers or a internet connection, such things are may be still a luxury for some.
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    Yeap, I usually find traffic to my blogs drops between 10-20% on the weekends. My social forums go the other way! People must love searching for stuff on work time
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    The week has always been better for me. Tues, Wed Best days.

    I do feel it might have to do with the site niche. Also when you update. A lot of blogger update over the weekends (New content on Monday). Plus Friday night school football, and pay day for most people. I feel that some still go out on weekend and stay home during the week. Kinda old school thinking.

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    Most of my revenue comes from IT sites, so weekends and holidays suck for me.
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