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Thread: problem with adsense

  1. problem with adsense

    I have a serious problem, I can not create a new adsense account, nor reactivate my new one!

    I deleted my old gmail account and made a new gmail account where i wanted to make a new adsense account on too. now, my new signup got denied because matching information was found in the database ( my old account ) when i try to login with my old account data it states No accounts were found matching my email. im desparate and tried to contact google adsense multiple times, but I always get the same bot-generated email, telling me to try and login with my old account data. which does not work!

    what do I do now?

  2. How did you try to contact Google AdSense?

    Did you email

    Google is the least friendly major corporation on Earth, you're going to need a lot of patience and determination with this one.
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    I deleted my old gmail account
    How did you do this? Why even try to delete it if it can be deleted.

    my new signup got denied because matching information was found in the database
    So you applied twice once on one email account then on another one? If yo were denied for duplicate information what is it you are trying to login into since you dont have an account yet.

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  4. my new signup got denied, and i get told to login with my old adsense login information, however when i try to login with my old gmail account ( deleted one) I get a message that the email is not in the database

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