I've just launched a new proxy site yesterday and it's only showing PSA's for some reason. Sometimes it shows proper ads but only without www, when www's are included then it's just PSA's (well one anyway) and nothing else, not even link ads. I haven't had this problem before. Has google gone off proxies? Or have I missed something? I sometimes have the PSA's on newly setup sites, but they change to normal ads within an hour or two usually but not this time.

I've checked a few domains I was going to use as proxies on a sandbox site and about half are showing PSA's, enough to make the ones that do, not worth bothering with for new one's, they won't earn any $'s. It looks like I'm going to have to check all future domains even before purchase now.

I was a little worried in case my adsense account was in danger, I do wonder if I would be putting it at risk by putting ads on domains that are 'unworthy', if that's what they are. I had (what I thought) were some good domains for proxies too, looks like I've wasted a dollar each on them now, they're only dot info's thankfully. I have bought the odd domain in the past that's been adsense banned (without knowing first), and even had some banned while I had them, and the sandbox site shows no ads at all for those. Other sites of mine are showing ads as normal.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or should I give up now, proxy earnings have been very disappointing lately anyway.

Plus GoDaddy's put up the price of .info's now to $1.99