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Thread: Q&A for AdSense Earner above $2000/week

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    Q&A for AdSense Earner above $2000/week

    I found this great AMA on Reddit (AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, sort of like an open Q&A for the entire Reddit community). Anyways a random Redditor started this topic and he has a few sites which all run AdSense, and he makes $2000/week with this! I found some of his answers really interesting, so I figured I'd share some of his answers with you guys. Let me know what you think:

    Not an adsense millionaire, but I make upwards of $2,000 per week through internet advertising. : IAmA

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    If you find that interview interesting, you might like this:
    Interview with a Motivated Online Businessman | Running Online Business (Interview with Ash from NB.)
    Interview with a Successful Blackhatter | Running Online Business (Interview with Razorloq from NB.)
    Interview with a Top Online Earner | Running Online Business (Interview with Terranaught from NB.)

    Three interviews with NetBuilders who have been very successful in online business.

    But, the interview that you posted is also fascinating. AdSense as a prime source of money-making is interesting, but highly unstable.

    Imagine if you got banned! O_O

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    The interviews you posted are with people from Net Builders community? Very interesting, I'll give them a read

  4. I've read the first one... oh my god... very long... now will be the next...
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