Hello dear NetBuilders, I'm having 2 questions, one question related to Adsense and one to Adwords.

Adsense question:
On my blog RetiredAt16.Com, I want to have Google Ads... The problem is, I'm talking that I'm 16 (and you need to be 18 to participate to the program right?) and the other problem is that I'm having adult posts on it.

So am I allowed to put adsense on it, or wouldn't I risk it?

Adwords question:
Yesterday I received 2 free Adwords vouchers, both worth €50,- than I also have a 30$ coupon that came with my hostgator hosting. This means I have vouchers worth €100,- and 1 worth $30,-

Since I'm not using them, and not gonna use them, can I sell them? And on what prices are these mostly sold for?

Thanks in advance