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Thread: Question related with adsense Diagnostics

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    Question related with adsense Diagnostics

    today i visit adense Diagnostics section first time in my panel and saw that in blocked url there are some url which is not mine,
    and may be can harm my account.

    can anyone suggest me what's this ??
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  2. I'm having trouble understanding what you're trying to say.

    Can you post a screenshot?
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    Are you saying that some non-allowed sites have shown your AdSense code? (Unauthorised Sites)

    If those "sites" are just IP addresses, try visiting them. They will probably turn out to belong to Google. For some reason, Google seems to accidentally consider itself as a naughty site sometimes.

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    Also since you're in the proxy niche, I'd venture to guess that a majority of those blocked urls are proxy pages. Most proxies block bots from the proxified pages and if someone were to be trying to proxy chain, etc through various proxies and arrived on one of your sites the adsense bot would be blocked from it, hence the blocked url. It happens in the proxy niche, I get them all the time in my diagnositcs, it's safe to ignore them. Just look at the reason it was blocked, I.E. "Blocked by robots.txt" etc, and the blocked url. You can usually tell why it happened by those indicators.

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