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Thread: Ratio of AdSense ads to content

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    Ratio of AdSense ads to content

    I've read somewhere that the Adsense ads. on a page should be in a certain ratio to the content on that page, ie. the ads. should be about 15% or a ratio of about 1:7 of the page.
    Has anyone else heard about this, and do you follow this advice?

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    I don't follow any set ratio, but I do believe that you need "enough" content to visually support your ads.

    How would you calculate the ratio? By number of pixels? Would you count the whole page, or just the "Above The Fold" section at some arbitrarily defined screen resolution?

    I do have some pages with too little content to support the ads and they look awful. Any "normal" visitor would reflexively click away from those page.
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