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Thread: So is adsense arbitrage still going on ?

  1. So is adsense arbitrage still going on ?

    This question is to some insiders, is adsense arbitrage still going on ? I may give it a shot just to see what happens and what kind of ROI can be achieved but don't want to violate any TOS/Policies of adsense/adwords.

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    Adwords -> Adsense Arbitrage is dead.
    Other Search Engines -> Adsense Arbitrage is almost dead.
    Adsense -> Other Networks Arbitrage is still lurking a bit.

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    What does Adsense arbitrage mean?



  4. Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    What does Adsense arbitrage mean?
    It means buying AdWords ads to bring visitors to pages that you are monetizing through AdSense.

    For years, smart PPC experts could bid low amounts on some keywords and get paid high amounts on related keywords.

    Google cracked down on the practice about a year and a half ago and now almost no one does it anymore. On one day, they kicked most of the big arbitrage players out of the AdSense program.
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    I'm about to get into some pretty sick arbitrage. It is alive and well, it's just very well concealed at this point. You have to know people to make a worthwhile amount of money from it. Want to see a profitable arbitrage site? Check out dog pile dot com.

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