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Thread: Something strange with my adsense

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    Something strange with my adsense

    two month ago i discover something strange with my adsense profit behavior then i spend one month to proof it, result is like what i expect ....

    This is what happen :
    I run web site using blogging platform (wp), around 3000 thread update daily, what i found is, if i make update on the day, my CPM will be 0.9 to 0.5 but if i stop updating data, my CPM will increase to 1.3 to 1.8 .....

    So i try update new post in every alternate week, yes the result is what i predict, the week update i have low income, the week i do nothing my income will be higher .....

    just strange i'm not sure why this happen ... keyword target is same and all traffic basically from same type of keyword

    any expert can explain ?? thanks

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    I'll guess when you update every other week, you give the adsense bot time to crawl the site. So you have better ad targeting which should mean more clicks.

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    I'm sorry but this makes no sense at all...

    Do you mean that if you update everyday your eCpm is only 50% of what it should be?

    Also... when you mean 3000 threads daily you mean you post 3000 new posts per day?

    I'm totally confused...

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    yes there is 3000 to 5000 daily post .....

    I'm not sure what is CPM suppose to be, just the day with frequent update my CPM will drop from 1.3 to below 0.9

    I don't think is crawl issue cause my post will get index in hour time but is possible adsense bot issue

    btw click rate (CTR) is average 1.1% to 1.6% (base on last four month static)

  5. Adsense is really acting weird during the past weeks but it seems that everything is going to normal these days...

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    Quote Originally Posted by eimroda View Post
    Adsense is really acting weird during the past weeks but it seems that everything is going to normal these days...
    yah getting stable now day and hopefully stay this way

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