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Thread: Sue Google and Win?

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    Sue Google and Win?

    An interesting article to read: Aaron Greenspan: Why I Sued Google (and Won)

    Its a shame that not everyone who's account this has happened to has been able to do this...
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    That would cause some serious issues if everyone who was banned went and filed. Dont think G would be able to manage all the claims at one time. Rather surprised that the person won the claim.

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    "But it's not fair!" Google's paralegal protested. "What if everyone whose account was canceled sued Google?"
    LOL interesting read.
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  4. Bloody awesome! Digg it! Digg it! Digg it!
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    It is interesting that Google canceled the guy's AdSense account without any warning or stated reason. It is also interesting that a a paralegal would go into court to defend Google without any information about the nature of the alleged offense.

    The article doesn't mention what the site was or what they were engaged in, but nonetheless it is infuriating that Google would cancel an account without any stated reason and refuse to pay the accrued commissions.

    More law suits like this might help to trim Google's arrogance.

  6. Very interesting, but doesnt look like there actually any details.
    Like why he was banned in the first place and how much he got

  7. Quote Originally Posted by DomainMagnate View Post
    Very interesting, but doesnt look like there actually any details.
    Like why he was banned in the first place and how much he got
    He gave the details there, he got the amount owed by google + $40 which was the court fee.

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    Why was he suing google for that small amount of money? I've lost $950,- thanks to PayPal.. no way I would sue them, I just forgot about them and kept in mind they sucked. I will never tell somebody again that paypal is good, always negative aspects about it. Though this is the best so I need to keep using it.

    My brother got banned by google too long time ago, and he used this adress, now I'm on the same adress for a long time (made a new account) and up to now Google never made any problems of it. (I'm using my mothers' name for the account as she has different family name ofcourse )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    Why was he suing google for that small amount of money?

    Maybe he sued because of the lost account, instead of money. Who knows...

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    It was in the USA in Small Claims Court. There are limitations regarding how much you can claim and attorneys are not allowed to represent you. In many states, you can only claim actual damages and not punitive damages.

    If the guy wanted to sue Google for big bucks, he would have filed a claim in Civil Court.

    There is another article about it posted at Search Engine Watch

    AdSense Publisher Sues Google - And Wins - Search Marketing News Blog - Search Engine Watch (SEW)

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