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Thread: Whats Your Highest Earnings/month from Adsense?

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    Currently at 5 cents a day.

    Trying to grow it to 100,000 cents a day before september

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    I am up to $462 so far this month - TechNoxx is doing very well.

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    Dec 2008
    Martinique, FWI
    I have solved my issues with AdSense, so I'm again the competition
    My highest earnings were $64 but I'm waiting my first payment of $96.

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    I am gonna hit about $150 this month. Still very far from my goal, but still increasing every month which is important as it tells me I'm progressing

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    I canceled my adsense account last year because it was a total waste of my time...
    I believe the best month I ever had was around $40...

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    Yesterday I got click worth 1.56$ on one of my sites. Problem is that I am getting rarely clicks on it

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    Not made more than 20$/month.

    How much you all have made through your blogs with adsense?

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    approximate 5-10cent a day (

    i was never take adsense as a business but now time to grow my adsense income, and already start hard work with it
    will update my status soon with all my NB friend's
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  10. My top adsense earning are $900+ few months back when I was working on health , medicine and nursing niche blogs . Adsense pays very good on such topics and traffic must be from USA .

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