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Thread: Whats Your Highest Earnings/month from Adsense?

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    $25 a month was my top earning per month (that was when I ran like 5 proxies)
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Charles View Post
    $400/month (before the sale of I - to Will).

    I have been sitting on $2-$3/day, until very recently (i.e. a week)... I added some new content and boom, I'm at $6-$7/day.
    My best earning is around $50, and waiting for my first payment. How could they got so high per month? What is your blog topic?
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    I've haven't made that much but don't spend too much time with it. I have a number of sites that are getting $2 clicks but have little traffic. I'm going to see what I can do to change that.

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    Last month, I did $638. This month, I'm up to $612 (still a few days to go).

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    I made $1600 in a month, it was a while back.

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    Last month I hit $220. This month is at $195 so far... it should hopefully surpass last month

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    Zero, not yet started.


  9. I got $12.72 which I think is my best month ever. I'm expecting growth though as I've been pushing a lot of good content to my site.

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