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Thread: WTF: Adroll instead of AdSense?

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    WTF: Adroll instead of AdSense?

    No, I am not saying that we should switch to Adroll.

    I've been experiencing an odd thing lately... I have AdSense codes placed on one of my sites (AdSense only). However, the odd thing is that instead of them AdRoll ads are showing (sometimes). See image below.

    (My cursor is hovering the ad)

    See the status bar? Why the hell is Adroll there? Is this some kind of Google's test or something's wrong? I see the Google URL later in the status bar, but why is there?

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    Are you using a free template or something? Maybe there is some code of the coder that shows his advertisements from time to time :/
    |Nico Lawsons

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    There is a part of Adsense (in AdSense Setup > Ad Review Center) that allows 'Google Certified Ad Networks' and you can allow or block it if you want, or select ad networks to not show. Google shows ads from other networks when it's allowed (default setting) so they can get more money no doubt. It's been around a while now, my sites regularly show non google ads.
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